Introducing “Live From Brooklyn And Then Some”.......

For many years now, we’ve been traveling around playing countless shows for you guys.  Many people have asked why we haven’t released a live album.  We never really had a good reason for this.  So last December, we decided to give it a go, and recorded our concert at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY.  We were pleased with the outcome, and chose 5 of our favorites to share with you.  Additionally, we’ve added two brand new studio recordings to round out the album.

The unreleased studio tracks, “Still In Motion” and “Where I’m Coming From” were recorded with the rest of the “Light Me Up” album at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX.  “Still In Motion” was slated to be the first track on that album until we decided to record some more songs, and take a slightly different direction.  It remains one of our favorite songs from those sessions, and we’ve started to feel guilty for not sharing it with our fans. 

“Where I’m Coming From” made a somewhat surprise appearance in the Showtime show “Shameless” last March.  It ended up being used in a pivotal and emotional scene towards the end of the season. We’ve been lucky to have our music used in many TV shows over the years, but rarely do we know the extent of the song use until it airs.  Most people probably don’t realize that our song “Good Company” was also in that episode, but wasn’t nearly as prominent.  So we had no idea the power the song would have on the scene.  It’s the type of song placement that we could have only hoped for.  The next day, we had an overwhelming amount of requests for the song, and honestly, we weren’t prepared for it.  So instead of rushing to release it on it’s own, we decided to make it part of a larger body of work. 

Hopefully you guys get a chance to pop over to iTunes, Spotify, or whatever your preferred listening method is to hear the album.  If you enjoy what you’re hearing, then share it with a friend, write a review, or just blast it at a red light with your windows down.  It’s your word-of-mouth that keeps us going.

Thanks for your continued support!

- The BRR guys

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