Chad Copelin – Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Percussion
Mark Goodell – Engineer, Vocals
John Goodmanson – Mixing
Andrew Mendelson - Mastering
Jarod Evans – Additional Production, Guitars
Nathan Price – Engineer, Percussion
Sherree Chamberlain – Vocals (Tracks 6, 8)
Ward Williams – Pedal Steel Guitar (Track 11)
Ryan Lindsey – Vocals (Tracks 3, 11)
John Knoerl – Art Direction and Design
Recorded at Blackwatch Studios – Norman, OK
Additional Recording at Church Studios – Tulsa, OK

Bronze Radio Return would like to thank: Chad, Mark, John, Andrew, Jarod, and Nathan for working so hard on this record; our managers, Chris Maltese and Keith Mahler; and Alan at Telefunken.   

Thank you to our loving and supportive families, our devoted and faithful friends, our caring and helpful mentors, and our true and loyal fans.  We hope we tell you often enough how much we appreciate you and your contributions to our lives. 

All Songs Written By Chris Henderson & Bronze Radio Return (ASCAP) © (P) 2011
All Rights Reserved